9 Things About Teeth Gap Bands You Would Want To Know

Rachana (name changed for confidentiality) visited us last month for a minor gap in her front teeth. It was as minor a gap as a toothpick could easily pass through it. But it was a teeth gap that was major enough for Rachana as it bugged her natural smile. She had tried teeth gap bands from the local pharmacy that pulled her front teeth closer, but created some gaps in the neighbouring teeth. And in a couple of weeks after she stopped using the teeth gap bands, the gap in her front teeth came back and looked worse. Worried and bugged with her teeth gaps, Rachana decided to visit her family dentist for a teeth bonding treatment. While in for her latest checkup this week, she looked delighted and was sure the time and investment in a good teeth gap filling treatment was one of the best investments she made in on self improvement.


It is estimated that in India alone there are more than a million people with gap between their front teeth.
–  Speakingtree.in


So this post we’re going to discuss some of the facts and myths about teeth gap bands that you should know and share with your family members too.


Are teeth gap bands harmful for children?


Are Teeth Gap Bands Safe?

We always talk about happy teeth, don’t we? And happy teeth are the doorways to a healthy smile and a happy life. So what happens when there are minor or large gaps in the teeth? For many people, it becomes a hindrance for them to have good career opportunities, and drags them down socially and personally.

An inexpensive way to tackle such hindrances are teeth gap bands. These are commonly available and can also be ordered online from popular shopping channels. But one has to be sure that they are really good for the teeth and will not cause possible damages that can extend for the rest of the life. And what’s better than consulting experienced dentists near your location and discuss various pros and cons.

And why take precaution when teeth gap band manufacturers claim the product is completely safe? Well, the answer lies in our teeth, as there are other living parts of our bodies intricately connected to them. Like jaw bones, gums, connecting tissues and nerves. And moving any one teeth forcibly may complicate the surrounding tissues, nerve endings and blood supply to them that may cause irreversible damage.

What your dentist or orthodontist may recommend in place of teeth gap bands are a series of measurements to treat the gaps with braces or teeth aligners. Why you may ask… because,


D.I.Y. teeth straightening can lead to permanent loss of teeth. And as posted by the American Association of Orthodontists on their website, consumers are cautioned bethat any suggestions to move teeth with rubber bands, dental floss or other objects ordered on the Internet.


9 Ways How People MisUse Teeth Gap Bands


Having put some light on the disadvantages of teeth gap bands, it is important to discuss how people use them or rather misuse them and that aggravates the problem.

  1. Not wearing the bands for the recommended duration specified by the manufacturer
  2. Using bands for orthodontic issues other than diastema (teeth gap)
  3. Pushing the band up near the gum line
  4. Sticking to D.I.Y bands in spite of new gaps forming in nearby teeth
  5. Using bands for children who have teeth still under the development process
  6. Using teeth gap band for crooked teeth
  7. Using the bands without consulting their dentist for previous teeth problems
  8. Using multiple bands for multiple teeth gaps at the same time
  9. Teeth gap bands are not recommended for use if gap is more than 3 mm


Treatments For Teeth Gap Removal

Teeth gaps, due to periodontal disease, can trouble anyone. The best way keep such troubles away is to protect your teeth by,

  1. Maintaining good oral habits
  2. Brushing the teeth regularly
  3. Break bad habits like thumb sucking and bruxism
  4. Get regular dental checkups

However, if the problem aggravates, your dentist can treat the gap in teeth with:

  • Dental Bonding
  • Crowns & Veneers
  • Implants
  • Dentures
  • Retainer/Orthodontics
  • Braces


And if you are worried about teeth gap bands price, the best way is to consult a skilled dental professional to diagnose your condition and recommend you the best treatment in Mumbai.