Age No Bar: Dental Braces For Better Health

It’s the 15th of August 2013

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Quoting a tweet by one of our 20 something patients. Dental Braces are assumed to be common in teens and the young. But with development in dental science, increase awareness about dental well being and “looking good” factor, demand for dental braces amongst adults is growing. Not only because straight teeth are easy to clean, they are more efficient too.
Crooked Teeth - Broken Smiles - Bad Teeth Care?
Crooked Teeth – Broken Smiles – Bad Teeth Care?

Why Would Adults Need Braces?

No one ever wants to wear out of looking beautiful. So if you are wanting to move your teeth and improve your personality, you can safely wear braces. In the western countries like the USA, millions of adults are known to be wearing braces and with ease.
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And in India, this trend is fast catching pace. Adults are today overcoming the initial hindrances like, social embarrassment, inability to take care of crooked teeth, fear of meeting dentists, maybe cost and lack of motivation to get Dental Braces and Better Health.
“Luckily adults’ teeth move almost as easily as kids’ teeth. With life expectancies ever increasing, the challenge is not just living longer, but maintaining quality of life as we age.”Brian Povolny, DDS, PhD, Seattle Orthodontist

Having Braces Rocks! ): 10 Reasons Why

Cruise On Braces

Remember, self esteem is very important and you need not live without a bright smile. Under the advise of an experienced dentist, getting braces is actually saving a lot of time and money later on dental treatments arising from unhygienic teeth.

  1. Prevents decay of teeth that are not approachable due to their crooked alignment
  2. Prevents recurrence of gum diseases due to such unhygienic maintenance
  3. Braces help avoid jaw related problems and arthritic conditions
  4. Prevents dental misuse from habitual biting and chewing
  5. Helps prevent changes related to speech
  6. Helps reduce adult headaches earaches
  7. Improves social acceptability
  8. Improves self esteem
  9. Quality of life
  10. Dental health
But, above all, adult braces can bring out that perfect smile.

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