Can Braces For Teeth – Stress, Toothaches – FAQ

People wear braces for teeth in an effort to straighten them. However, orthodontic braces may cause uneasiness and toothaches due to stress on teeth. And it may take a few days for the mouth to get adjusted to the new braces. The level of discomfort from braces can vary from person to person depending upon the individual’s age and dental lifestyle. But the perception of dental braces causing immense pain may be far-fetched as your nearby dentist will have solutions to ease the initial discomfort; a few suggestions are listed below.


How to ease discomfort from braces for teeth
Toothache can be caused by braces for teeth or other infections


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Can Toothache Due To Braces Be Avoided?


The importance of perfectly aligned teeth and its allure for people of all ages is understood. Moreover, and according to the American Dental Association too, people who have opted for braces for teeth in order to align them and get them straightened had better overall dental health than others. And not only dental health, well aligned teeth are also important to sport a confident smile and reduce the chances of having gum diseases or dental carries.

But if mis-aligned teeth are ignored, dental problems created by them are sure to lead to toothaches and maybe call for complete removal of affected teeth. To cite some of the causes: Crowding of teeth, irregular spacing, leading to cross-bite, overbite, or under-bite and unreachable sections that cannot be manually cleaned. The above scenarios are most unwanted and hence dentists recommend braces for teeth.


Doctor Recommended Braces For Teeth?
Don’t Jump Out Of The Swivel Chair!

Toothache due to braces can be avoided provided your teeth are in the best of their health. But if they have been recommended by your doctor, it is important to know that braces can cause sores on the soft tissues in the mouth, the locations where the braces rub against the cheeks, the lips, and the tongue. However, this is a temporary discomfort and the individual’s tissues gradually get adjusted to the new partners over a period of time. But if the you are still concerned, and have no alternative but brave up for orthodontic pain, here are a few remedies that will help you out. But it is important to consult your dentist for advise.

  1. Take soft foods for the first week after your put braces.
  2. Try sucking ice cubes, drinking cold water or frozen foods for comfort
  3. Avoid chewing hard foods or substances that are sticky, like chips a nuts
  4. Ask your doctor for an pain reliever if there is pain
  5. Gargling with warm salt water will also provide relief
  6. Dental wax can be recommended by your dentist to address discomfort
  7. Use a brush with soft bristles to provide gentle cleaning experience
  8. With braces its ever more important to brush and floss after each meal
  9. If pain persists, meet your orthodontist to check for tightness of braces

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