Case Study: Missing Anterior #11 | Teeth Gap Treatment

Missing anterior teeth can cause extreme trauma. Apart from the functional utilities, healthy anterior teeth contribute to overall well-being of the person. In this case, the client had missing anterior teeth with mesio-distal space of more than 15mm. See diagnosis, treatment and post treatment views after one year.

Missing Teeth – Pre-Treatment Views

Anterior #11 Missing. Mesio-Distal Space More Than 15mm

Missing Teeth Problems

Client was facing a number of problems due to the missing anterior teeth. Missing the aesthetic appeal lead to embarrassment in social circles. This lead to low confidence and ill treatment by colleagues at work.

Client has tried treatment at another dentist, but the removable partial denture wasn’t giving him relief as it used to fall out quite often.

As client was planning to get married, he decided to take treatment at Om Dental Treatment.

Dentist’s Diagnosis & Treatment Plan

  1. Root Form 2 piece implant placed with immediate extraction delayed loading
  2. Anesthesia
  3. Flap Reflection
  4. Extraction of root Piece
  5. Root Form Adin Implant Submerged
  6. Sybograph Synthetic Bone Graft
  7. Healing Phase 6 months
  8. Temporisation
  9. Load Implant & provide Prosthesis


Final prosthesis in place


Final Prosthesis Lateral Views

Dental Implant X-Rays

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