Competitive Dental Insurance Coverage Policy

Looking for a Dentist that offers Dental Insurance? You search ends right here at Om Dental Clinic in Khar West, Mumbai. With affordable dental treatment plan and dental insurance for corporate, at Om Dental Clinic you are at the right place.



Dental Insurance Certificate from Ocare
Click to enlarge dental insurance infograph
Click to enlarge dental insurance infograph

Complete Oral Health Care Insurance

Om Dental Clinic has signed up with Ocare, one of the pioneering oral healthcare ecosystem providers in India. As a patient, you gain from the best treatment and the most hassle free process.

  1. Book Appointment
  2. Get Treated
  3. Receive Reimbursement

Who Can Get Dental Insurance

Members of the OCARE Dental Insurance network can be a corporate or a school, college and university or an institution in India who want group dental insurance for their employees, members or students.

As A Member, How To Avail Dental Insurance?

  1. Book an appointment with Om Dental Clinic.
  2. At the clinic, an intraoral camera will capture and upload the image of your affected tooth / teeth before the dentist starts treatment. And then the OPG xray will be uploaded to the Ocare system.
  3. The dentist will also update propose of the treatment and select the treatment from the list of treatments on the OCARE system.
  4. Thereafter the Ocare Review Committee will review your case. And will approve with a go ahead to the dentist.
  5. With the approval, the dentist performs the treatment and uploads the post-treatment picture using intraoral camera and charges the patient for the treatment.
  6. Post treatment approval by the committee you, the patient, get the reimbursement from OCARE.
  7. The dentist need not worry about the claims process as the reimbursement directly goes to you, the patient.
How OCARE Dental Insurance Process Works | Image Credit: OCARE