New In Town? How To Select Best Dental Care

What makes people reluctant to visit a dentist? Is it the “expensiveness” factor, or is it the “fear” factor? Whatever it may be, one thing is for sure, you will probably not find a dental replacement that gives a lifetime warranty. And if your dents are the weak kind, be prepared to keep spending sizeable amounts as fees, every four to six years.

But if you are considering making an extra financial investment today to get a pair of dental replacements, take some time to choose the best dental clinic in Mumbai with all treatment facilities in your location. And maybe, this will help you get a trusted family dentist too, to help in the future.

Here are findings from an independent research for indicators that might help you zero down on the best available option(s):

1. What To Ask The Dentist

  1. Number of visits required to complete the whole process of required dental treatment
  2. Alternative treatments possible, their pros and cons along with cost considerations
  3. Is it a larger dental chain? If yes, what level of personalized attention do they offer.
    • Comparatively, what is the additional cost you pay for better facilities
  4. Certifications and experience in handling dental problems that you suffer from
  5. Estimates for common procedures like full-mouth X-rays, oral examination or filling a cavity will enable you compare services

2. Advantages & Success Rate Of Dental Clinic in Mumbai

  1. The ambiance of the clinic, convenience of their office hours for you and office cleanliness
  2. Are the dental staff helpful and do they wear gloves and other protective gear during treatment
  3. 24 x 7 Emergency Dental Services, facilities like individual rooms for privacy & comfort
  4. Hygiene protocols and sterilization processes, e.g. Occupational Safety and Health Act standards
  5. Technologies used (though all would say they offer world class treatments)
  6. Type of dental chairs, CBCT and Instant CAD CAM crown machines
  7. Types of dental implants, crowns, aligners and consumables
  8. Imaging Techniques like Intra Oral Camera, OPG/ Panorama X-ray, Radiovisiography, etc.
  9. Dental services for physically challenged people and senior citizens, like ground floor location, etc.
  10. Availability of wheel chairs to shift handicapped and medically compromised patients
  11. Facilities at the clinic, like: frozen yogurts after root canal, cafeteria, entertainment room, pedicure and manicure, massage chair to relax and gaming zones for children.
  12. Concierge facilities for dental tourism patients
  13. Proximity to pharmacists who have updated stock of medicines from all the leading pharmaceutical companies.

3. Past Patient Credentials

Having said that, you will know a good dentist from the kind of personalized attention and interest he or she takes in your health. Unless the patient’s past records are made available, they would usually recommend a full mouth inspection of teeth, gums, palate, tongue, the neck for abnormal lymph nodes and enlargement of the thyroid gland, etc. In adults, the dentist may conduct a periodontal probe to detect abnormally large crevices, if any. Done that, they will generally report their findings in detail.

Source: articlesbase