Growing Inequality Based On Dental Health

Oral health is a major problem that millions across the globe are facing each day. And there are a number of reasons for the rapid spread of dental health challenges, in-spite of sustained efforts by leading organizations across the globe. Why is it so? Cited here are two commonly quoted reasons from people across different walks of life:

  1. Ignorance about the importance of maintaining Oral Health
  2. Economic factors rising from cost of oral care


And here are some oral health facts for reference…




Oral health is important for a number of reasons linked to the ability to eat, swallow, speak and breathe. Hence, if the health of one’s teeth are affected, it can impair a number of daily functions.

As illustrated in the info-graphic above, bad dental health leads to millions of hours of loss of productive time in both adults as well as children. Add to that the related side – effects,

  1. Loss of self esteem and other socio – psychological
  2. Loss of economically productive time

And this risk is not limited to poorer nations. Multiple research data from developed nations like the US and UK too point out to the growing dental healthcare challenge… though the poorer section of society is more likely to be impacted.

But there is something more to worry about, bad dental health also can lead to chronic diseases.



Other Effects Of Bad Oral Health On Body


Effects Of Poor Oral Health On Body
Effects Of Poor Oral Health On Body |


Social Inequalities Due To Oral Disease

With advancement in technology and healthcare solutions, the awareness about dental healthcare is gradually reaching millions of people. However, a lot more needs to be done.

From the workplace to the social meeting grounds, the quality of one’s teeth form a major impact on the quality of relationships with people around. So if someone enters such equations from impacted dental health, it can effect their social functioning. Coming straight from their ability to smile, to speak to interact qualitatively with others and to perform a more basic function like eating, oral diseases can cause more damage than imagined.

  1. Impact daily functions due to pain and discomfort from eating or drinking
  2. Impact on general health by affecting other body functions
  3. Reduced social self esteem and anxiety can lead to social isolation
  4. Reduced productivity at workplace due to disturbed sleep or absenteeism
  5. Impaired growth in children due to reduced attendance in school and playtime

Healthy Teeth For Healthy Life

Right from making healthy choice of food and quality of life, to becoming dental advocates in our social circles, together we can do a lot to make our communities safer and healthier. Let’s make a start by sharing this post with our loved ones and help create awareness and generate attention to this growing health challenge.