Case Of Missing Molars – Dental Implant Treatment

It is important to replace missing teeth. One may ask why, and the reason is missing teeth can cause severe complications in the long run. Moreover, isn’t it important to have one’s teeth look beautiful and be fully usable?

Your family dentist will cite a number of reasons to treat tooth loss. The complications of untreated missing tooth range from eating disorders to difficulty in speech. And over a period of time, the other teeth might try to nudge into the vacant space left by the missing teeth and lead to what we know as crooked teeth.

Now you can see how crooked teeth can lead to further complications like plaque formation, carries, weakening of the other teeth formation and this may lead to problems with biting food and other similar problems.

Dental Implant For Missing Molars

Dentist In Mumbai Treating Missing Molars
Figure 1

Fig 1: The 2 implants are buried in the region of lower right mandible area as the patient had missing molars.


Dentist In Mumbai - Dental Implants Case
Figure 2
Fig 2: Post Healing, that is after 3-4 weeks, the Implant Ceramic crowns luted for patient to bite in Occlusion. The patient was comfortable to bite and chew. And the patient was satisfied.
Dental Implants for Molars by Dentist In Mumbai
Figure 3
Fig 3: This is during the mid treatment healing phase. Good tissue contour can be seen around the implant site.

Treatments For Missing Teeth

As one can see from the above case, the missing molars were substituted successfully with implants. Apart from implants, there are may other options available depending on the case.
  1. Permanent Implants / Surgical Option – For long term functionality and strength, titanium screws are implanted into the jaws. False teeth are then screwed into them.
  2. Non Surgical Option – This can be done by dentures and bridges.

Which is the best option for you? It is advisable to visit a good dental clinic in Mumbai to discuss and consult with an expert.