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Smiling Face: The Secret To Look Cool And Successful

Did you see that popular megastar you like in your news feed today? That charming smile makes her look cool and affable, doesn’t it? Now compare that to a stony expression in another article in your news feed, doesn’t it look unkindly and unfriendly? So how important is a smile, happy teeth and a good dental care for your family?

This exactly has been the topic of a recent research study by psychologists from the University of Arizona.

  1. Comparing well-known public figures and unknown people while smiling and brooding look

  2. Asking participants to rank above faces and expressions on “how cool” they were

  3. Smiling faces and expressions were ranked more cooler than the non-smilers

  4. Faces with smiles were rated as projecting positive energy

  5. Expected to make activities easier to do and enhance their performance


Worried about your teeth when you smile? Regular dental hygiene, care and a visit to the dentist can help improve your smile. As one of the leading¬†cosmetic dentists in Mumbai, this clinic has¬†just one aim ‚Äď bring world class affordable dentistry¬† to people in the suburbs.

Toothache Specialists

It’s all about smiles and a smiling face, the secret to a happier and more fuller life. Wouldn’t you agree?¬†But did you know, there are people who have trouble in their mouth and are concerned about the health of their teeth and hence cannot smile enough. This infact is true with people of all ages, children and adults. Toothaches, tooth decay, stained teeth, swollen gums and related ailments are the most common causes of poor dental health.¬†And recent research found in leading medical journals has shown how such people are more likely to develop heart problems. This¬†underscores the required attention and effort to¬†get regular dental checkups.


For Adults: How To Get That Smile Back

And the best way to recover from this “lack of enough smile” challenge is to get an “home” oral health checkup!

  1. How many times do you brush your teeth in a day?
  2. Do you floss daily?
  3. Are there any dark spots like cavities in your teeth?

And if there is some cause for concern in having a smiling face, the best thing to do is consult with your smile dentist to get that charming look back!


Kids: Enough Smile A Day Keeps Sadness Away


There is one good habit that parents can help form in their young children, and that is put up a new dental kit with toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss and a healthy food chart in their bedrooms. Then there are those cute tooth stickers one can get at the local store which can make the process of daily dental hygiene more interesting for kids.



So if you have any concerns about having that smiling face, don’t worry, you can take the above steps to regain your confidence, happiness and cool looks!


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