Tooth Filling Cost In Mumbai – Want To Have A Tooth Filled?

Shashi was visiting his in-laws in Mumbai when he started experiencing severe toothaches. He contacted his in-laws’ family dentist, Om Dental Clinic and got an x-ray done. It showed one of the tooth being severely damaged due to caries and root canal seemed to be the best option.

However, dentists at the clinic suggested tooth filling as an alternative. Shashi opted for the later as it allowed him some relief and he could back to Bangalore, his city, and get a root canal done if the toothache persisted.

So how much did it cost Sashi to have his tooth filled?

He got a basic GIC filling done that costed him approximately Rs. 750.

Read below to know more about tooth filling costs in Mumbai.

Toothache Specialists

Tooth filling cost in Mumbai ranges from Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000 depending on which dentist in Mumbai you want to get it done. The cost of getting a tooth filled in Mumbai also depends on the type of scaling and polishing you want.


Factors Influencing Tooth Filling Cost in Mumbai


The other factors that influence dental cavity filling cost are:

  • Type of material used for dental filling – Nowadays composites are preferred material as they have more aesthetic value and are stronger, more durable. A cheaper alternative is glass ionomer cement. They offer lesser aesthetic qualities but more fluoride releasing property. Typically glass ionomer is used when there is severe decay in part of the tooth that extends below the gum (root caries). Other older materials like silver fillings are not recommended due to mercury content and poor aesthetics.

But cheapest might not necessarily mean the best for your teeth. Discuss the cost of teeth filling with your dentist and other options to get the best judgement on what suits your requirement.

  • Skill and experience of the dentists – Dental filling is a specialist task and here the location of dental clinic, clinic hygiene, quality of service and definitely the skill of dentists involved should be given priority over costs.


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