70 Year Old For Teeth Replacement With Partial Dentures

For people looking for tooth implants, there are a few major factors for consideration. It primarily starts with a full mouth x-ray that helps identify the extent of damage and then searching for the best clinic or the most popular dentists in their location to undergo the treatment. Then making choices like need for tooth extraction if any, choice of dental implant or fixed bridges and experience of the doctor.聽The tooth implant cost can vary, starting from Rs. 20,000 to around Rs. 40,000, based on the above factors and as per that individual’s priorities. For dental bridges the costs also are dependent on the choice of material used.


Case Study Of A 70 Year Old Patient For
Teeth Replacement With Partial Dentures


This is a case study of a 70 year old lady from Dubai who visited the Om Dental Clinic in Khar with broken teeth at the corners with lower front mobile teeth. Dental diagnostics suggested she needed replacement of teeth with partial denture after extraction. And after much convincing and educating the patient she got ready for dental implants.
Frontal View – Before Dental Implant

Side-view and Occlusal-view after Tooth Extraction

X-ray views

3 Months Post Dental Implant Surgery

Ceramic Crown Placements

Dental Implant Patient Feedback

After the tooth implant procedure, the patient is聽very satisfied and has left for Dubai. 聽And the patient was very happy indeed.

Want To Know Tooth Implant Cost?

This may surprise you, the tooth implant may not cost more than the cost of restoring your tooth. And as mentioned above, the cost is completely dependent on the extent of damage to your teeth and the resulting treatments required. However, it is important to share that dental implants, on an average lasts longer, with proper treatment and comparatively lower maintenance.
But the best way to know how much your tooth implants would cost is to contact a Dental Implant Surgeon near you.