Root Canal Dental Services in Mumbai

Root canal is the treatment to remove the tooth’s pulp, a small and thread like tissue in the center of tooth. Om Dental Clinic offers root canal dental services in Mumbai with very affordable price and world-class hygienic clinic.

Will Root Canal Be Beneficial For You?

Root canal is not suitable for everyone. Before thinking about root canal treatment, please consult a good dentist for diagnosis of the condition of your teeth and gums. The treatment includes the removal of damaged, diseased or dead tooth pulp; then cleaning and filling of the remaining space. Thus the procedure seals off the root canal.

Common Causes Of Damaged Or Dead Pulp:

The tooth’s pulp may get damaged, dead or diseased with certain causes. The most common problems occur due to the cracked tooth, a deep cavity or an injury to a tooth such as severe knock to the tooth. When the pulp gets infected, pus can build up at the root tip in jawbone, and form an abscess. If this left untreated for long time, it can destroy the bone surroundings of tooth and cause pain.

Choosing Root Canal Dental Services in Mumbai:

Root canal dental services in Mumbai are available almost in every dental clinic. But while choosing the dentist, look for an experienced endodontist. This will ensure the high-life of restored tooth as a poorly done root canal can keep on causing pain in tooth.

Important to add, regular dental exams, good oral hygiene is necessary to prevent further problems. So if you are looking for a trained cosmetic dentist for a root canal treatment in Mumbai with affordable cost and at your ease of time, please feel free to contact Om Dental Clinic for a detailed consultation.

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