How To Shine And Brighten Up Your Digital Interviews

An interview could be the most basic place to impress yourself in front of an unknown panel. And the time for that is short, but there are ways to be smart and present the very best of yourself. For freshers, this preparation is especially important before sitting on the hot seat.

Following steps are probably followed by everyone before any interview:

  1. Search on Google for basic interview questions and answers.
  2. Looking for interview questions and answers for freshers, if applicable
  3. Make a list of interview questions and answers that answer about yourself
  4. Prepare for interview questions and answers on your strengths and weaknesses
  5. Now if you are in the teaching profession, there are specific interview questions for teachers
  6. Or you prepare for specific job interview questions and answers for fresh graduates

basic interview questions and answers

Preparing For Video Interviews

But here is a special situation where most people can get caught – Video Interview on Skype / Hangout! It is a norm that the preliminary round happens online, so here are some ideas to help your prepare:

  1. Nowadays, it is first a video interview. So be ready and find a quiet place where you can answer questions unperturbed. Alongwith double checking on your mic and speakers, it is important to have a bright and cheerful look.
  2. Focus on your face and not on your dress. In a video interview, the interviewer is probably going to see your face and your expressions rather than what you wear. So it may be ok to use a little makeup, and maybe you could use a professional service to help you prepare. But it is advisable to not make distractions.
  3. The first few seconds matter. So it is in those preliminary moments that your interviewer probably forms an impression about yourself, so focus your eyes on the camera and not on your screen.
  4. Remember, the interviewer is trying to analyze your body language too. So some amount of hand and body movement is welcome, to express that you’re engaged and involved in the session. But do avoid excessive physical movements as they will probably distract the interviewer.
  5. And smile, that makes you look younger and more employable. Here it is important to present yourself as fit for the role the company is looking to hire for. So white teeth not only make you look clean, having them will make you look more successful and more attractive.