Why Ppl Hate Smile Losing Its Luster (And You Should, Too!)

Can anyone like their smile losing its lustre? It’s simply unimaginable. Because one’s teeth are expected to add shine to their smile. And if our smile is loosing lustre, read this post on options and teeth whitening cost.

Teeth discoloration can happen if the dentin layer beneath the teeth loses its polish. It looses its vibrancy and its ability to catch the light when you smile. And this can happen to you or to anyone due to tooth wear and tear and structural changes as a result of your aging process. Add to that the range of food that you have like tea, coffee, junk foods and other stain causing eatables… anyone’s smile can loose its luster!


affordable teeth whitening cost in mumbai
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Worried About Teeth Whitening Cost?

So what do you do about your stained and yellowish teeth? You are not comfortable smiling in front of family and friends or in professional situations. smiling and laughing in front of others? So you contemplate professional teeth whitening at your family dentist’s office.

But are you worried about the cost? If yes, here is an offer you cannot ignore!



Wide Range Of Teeth Whitening Products


As you smile communicates your personality the best, having stained teeth can diminish the lustre of your smile and affect you negatively. And you must take action to make your teeth shining white again, and this could take some effort! You can explore natural teeth whitening options that are based on home based remedies or you can take help of commonly available teeth whitening products available in the market.

So you can visit your local pharmacist, and you will find a good number of teeth whitening products along with other oral hygiene tools. But selecting the best teeth whitening product can be an arduous task. Some of these products come cheap and some are comparatively quite expensive… and you may need to consult a teeth whitening expert about this if you do not wish to waste money on experimenting with wong products.

Here are some of the most commonly found products for teeth whitening in Mumbai.

  • Toothpastes
  • Teeth whitening kits
  • Teeth whitening chewing gum
  • Activated charcoal powder
  • LED tooth polisher, whitener
  • Teeth whitening gels

You can discuss the various products with a teeth whitening dentist near you, or explore professional teeth whitening offers that can effectively restore your Smile’s Luster. Here again, it is advisable that you discuss the various offers with your family dentist to choose the one best suited for your teeth.

  • Instant teeth whitening
  • Zoom teeth whitening
  • Teeth bleaching
  • Bleaching agent concentration
  • Number of sessions
  • Need for extrinsic or intrinsic staining



Best Teeth Whitening Treatment
For Smile Loosing It’s Lustre


The best teeth whitening treatment starts at your home. There are many ingredients that are present in our homes and can help those troubled with stained teeth. Check out what works for you here: Home Remedies

And if you are looking for professional teeth whitening, here at Om Dental Clinic’s one-hour-teeth whitening is fast, convenient and effective. This will be a one sitting procedure that has proven to be safe and effective since many years. And the best part is, such a dental hygiene process performed by professional dentist will help you sport a brighter smile for many years to come.