Top Honchos: Top Dental Problems


What Ails Corporate Fast Trackers?

A study of the leading dental problems faced by corporate professionals revealed dental health is a critical problem. What we coolly assume to be a very hygienic section of corporate India is in-fact found to be troubled to a large extent from dental issues.

Did you know that the average adult between the ages of 20 and 64 has three or more decayed or missing teeth? Now as mumbai dentists, a number of known reasons can be cited: Junk food like French fries, candies, chips & cookies, Chinese dishes, burgers, pizzas, sodas, desserts, soft drinks, ice creams, etc. that are hard to avoid. Such things are not different when we connect junk food eating habits with fast paced Corporate Mumbaikars. Add to that fizzy drinks, smoking, tobacco, liquor and bad oral hygiene. This erodes the tooth’s outer layers (enamel and dentine) and gradually weakens them. So the end result is food getting stuck between teeth and resulting in breeding of bad bacteria.

Objective of this survey is not to ridicule but to highlight what steps you or your loved ones should take to life a better, sparkling white life. To start with, here is what your dentist would recommend:

  1. Brush teeth twice a day
  2. Daily flossing
  3. Improve eating habits and timings
  4. Undergo dental checkups regularly
  5. Take expert opinion for any dental problem,
    it goes a long way in prevention

Surveyed Top Dental Problems in Mumbai

Here are some of the most commonly found dental problems with fast track careerists in the city.

  1. Bad Breath or Halitosis: Downright embarrassing, it affects about 85% of people
  2. Jaw Problems: Mostly caused when teeth / tooth has been plucked out due to some infection
  3. Crooked Teeth: Gaps in teeth-line due to missing tooth, severe blow to the tooth (trauma)
  4. Dental Caries: Ignorance of deep cavities, cracks or improper fillings in the past
  5. Swelling of Gums: Left unattended, abscess in tooth causing pain and/or swelling
  6. Damage to Pulp: From multiple tooth fillings / other restorations from earlier treatments
  7. Flawed Fillings: Cracked or loose fillings, or due to repeated fillings to same tooth
  8. Digit sucking or Pen biting: Lifestyle stress and anxiety results in such cases and that hurts
  9. Dental Plaque, Tartar Formation: A sticky substance leading to poison / toxin creating bacteria
  10. Gum Disease: Other reasons can be diabetes, AIDS, high level of stress, poor diet
  11. Sensitive Teeth: Brushing too vigorously, teeth grinding, clenching of teeth

Are You Troubled By Dents?

Are you a victim of any of these dental problems. Are you a mouthwash junkie? Have you been troubled with gum ailments? Do you see excessive plaque formation in your teeth? Is any of your tooth cracked or is there decay around the edges?

Start eating lots of fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables daily. And whatever you do, make it a point to schedule in your calendar regular visit to your family dentist. Experts recommend at-least two dental visits a year. Is that you?

Source: goarticles