Does Your Kiddo’s Teeth Need Attention?

Does Your Kiddo’s Teeth Need attention

Saving that Cute Smile


Is your child’s tooth growing crooked spoiling his cute smile? Are his overcrowded teeth giving a protruding jaw? There are ample of other reasons that require professional advice. Dental examination of young children by experienced dentist while they still have baby teeth can prove very beneficial in future. A thorough orthodontic evaluation will reveal whether the growth of teeth is proper or not. This will give the opportunity to prevent problems like bites or crowding before it happens.

The American Association of Orthodontists and the American Dental Association recommend all kids be evaluated for orthodontics by age 7. By this age, the orthodontist can detect subtle problems with jaw growth and emerging teeth.
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Teeth Dilemma and Bite Conditions

  1. Open and Deep bites
  2. Intersecting or Cross bites
  3. Over-jets
  4. Crowding
  5. Spacing between tooth
  6. Teeth in the crooked style or emerging in improper sequence
  7. Misplaced tooth
  8. Congenitally missing teeth
  9. Ankylosed teeth or tooth eruption hurdle

Advantages of Dental Attention

If corrected in early stages, some dental conditions are quite easy to deal with. Hence it becomes important to know whether your child needs a corrective dental work or not. This treatment aids in preventing more severe problems in future. It provides the opportunity for an orthodontist to control the eruption of permanent tooth. At Om Dental, professionals are trained to spot bite issues at an early age and treat it within appropriate time.

Does Your Childs Teeth Needs Orthodontist for Crooked or Overlapping Teeth
Does Your Childs Teeth Needs Orthodontist for Crooked or Overlapping Teeth

The Benefits of Treatment:

  1. Prediction about the development of permanent teeth
  2. Correction of any habits like thumb sucking or tongue pushing that may forge other problems.
  3. Fix bite problems.
  4. Offer guidance to growth of the jaw to accommodate emerging teeth.
  5. Prevents the risk of damage to protruding teeth.
  6. Improves your child’s smile.
  7. Creates well-designed arrangement of teeth.
  8. Boosts self-esteem and confidence in your kid.

Even if your child doesn’t necessitate orthodontic treatment, a consultation from professionals at Om Dental gives you an opportunity to forecast any essential future treatments.

Dental Consultation

In the end, dental treatment isn’t just about an attractive smile rather it adds to maintaining healthy teeth throughout your life.

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